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BabySteps Velvet Swing (Beige)
This unique BabySteps swing is a guarantee of safe and fun time. Refined details, beautiful, bright colours and original appearance. The BabySteps swing has been precisely designed and finished with attention to every detail. Happy ears and decorative tassels encourage you to...
BabySteps Playmat (Happy Bear)
Colourful, beautiful educational mat with a set of sensory toys of various shapes from BabySteps. Through play, it supports the development of the senses - sight, hearing and touch. At the same time, it supports the increase of manual and motor skills,...
BabySteps Car Seat Blanket (Nature/Vintage Beige)
This gorgeous blanket is a perfect solution for travelling parents who want to keep their baby comfortable and safe in the car seat, while not restricting child’s safety. Baby car seat blanket features back opening and pre-cut holes for both 3-point...
BabySteps Swaddle Blanket (Nature)
An absolute must-have for you and your Little One. Velvet Swaddle/Photo Blanket is made of a very soft velvet and a cotton jersey. It’s perfect for newborns for carrying and sleeping, making them feel warm and cosy. The nature pattern makes...
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BabySteps Velvet Nursing Pillow (Sepia Rose)
This nursing pillow is made of velvet with an anti-allergic, silicone filling.  Size: 75 x 75 cm All products should be used under the supervision of adults.

MyLullaby Favourites

Hand-picked favourites, loved by our little resident tester - Olivia

Moonie Humming Friend

MOONIE is an ultimate baby sleep aid that helps babies gently fall a sleep and calm down faster. The soothing sounds reminds babies of the conditions in mummy’s womb.


Snuggle Hunny Kids

Snuggle Hunny Kids have been one of our favourite brands - famous for their Swaddle Blankets and Milestone Cards. Beautiful designs and unrivalled quality. Exclusive range of Snuggle Hunny Kids products available on MyLullaby.


Malomi Balloons

If you are looking for an unique decoration for your little one's nursery, look no further! The Balloons from Malomi are a must-have.




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