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Little Dutch
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Is your little one ready to tackle a repair or construction project? Look no further than the Let's Fix It! Little Dutch Workbench. Equipped with a variety of tools, this workbench is the perfect place to fix and repair just about anything your child can imagine.

This Little Dutch Workbench is also great for toddlers who love to imitate their parents and engage in hands-on activities. As they screw, saw, and twist pieces together, your little one will develop their fine motor skills and creativity while they build, construct, and create their own objects. And when they're finished, they can simply take it all apart and start again, providing endless hours of entertainment.

In addition to helping your child develop important skills, this Little Dutch Workbench is also an excellent way to inspire their imagination and creativity. 

But the benefits of this workbench don't stop there. It's also an excellent way to encourage role play and imaginative play, as your child can pretend to be a mechanic or engineer while they work on their projects. This type of play has been shown to be incredibly beneficial for child development, as it helps to build problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

So why wait? Get your child started on the Let's Fix It! Little Dutch Workbench today and watch as they develop their skills and imagination. With a durable design and high-quality tools, this workbench is built to last and provide endless hours of entertainment and learning. Whether your child is an experienced builder or just starting out, the workbench is the perfect place for them to create and explore. So grab your tools and get to work!

  • Age: 3+
  • Size (cm): 30,5 x 44 x 86

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